Imperial Court de'

Fort Worth/Arlington Inc.

Texas’ Triple Crowned Diamond Diva
Rhinestone Rodeo Sweetheart
Empress 39 Melody Lane
A Double Crowned Monarch
to sit on both thrones,
The Crystal and Sapphire Fleur de Lis
Emperor 39 Robert Buckner

The Reign of "Stronger Together, When We Rise as One"

Join us:

Sunday, March 25th
Organizational Meeting - 1pm at Club Reflection

Friday, April 6th
Meet & Greet/Bar crawl Starting at Club Reflection 7-10, Urban Cowboy & Changes 10 - done.

Investiture XXXIX: The Journey Begins Down The Yellow Brick Road

Saturday, April 7th
Urban Cowboy Saloon
Buffet - 5pm
Investiture - 6pm

Our Mission Statement:

The Imperial Court de Fort Worth/Arlington, Inc., is proud to represent the International Imperial Court System. We are an independent, registered non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to the betterment of life in and around the Fort Worth/Arlington community, and are committed to sponsoring, supporting, and promoting other community charitable and educational programs and efforts; to promoting and recognizing community leaders; as well as promoting harmony among the people in the community. The Imperial Court de Fort Worth/Arlington, Inc. believes in educating and empowering its members and the community by promoting and advocating AIDS awareness and diversity through non-discrimination. The Imperial Court de Fort Worth/Arlington, Inc. welcomes members and provides support regardless of race, creed, color, gender and/or sexual orientation.

The Imperial Court de' Fort Worth / Arlington, is proud to be a not for profit 501(c)4 group, and making a difference in our local community $1 at a time for almost 40 years.

If you are interested in joining, please click on the About Us link.
Thank you...