Imperial Court de'

Fort Worth/Arlington Inc.

The Fort Worth/Arlington I.C. Inc. (FWAIC) DBA the Imperial Court de Fort Worth/Arlington Inc. (ICFWA).

The Court system is a social-community service organization, which originated in San Francisco in 1965. The Court was strictly "Camp" and from those beginnings, we derive our "Camp" titles such as Emperor and Empress. The Monarchs are elected by the community to lead our Organization for a year. Coronation is the annual Gala Function at which time the old leaders step down and new monarchs are crowned.

The primary goals of the Imperial Court de Fort Worth/Arlington are to:

  • Sponsor events as fund-raisers for the various charities within our community.
  • Further relationships between the various organizations of our community.
  • Provide help for those in need.
  • Advance the causes of our community.
  • All this while still having fun.

The Imperial Court de Fort Worth/Arlington has been very successful in its efforts at reaching the above goals over the years. For example, the Court has raised funds for the AOC, Healing Wings, Halloween candy for the Fort Worth State School, Easter baskets for Fort Worth/Cooks Children's Hospital, Community Churches, Catholic Charities (Ann Simon Reeves Center/Assessment Center/Pediatric/Family), Teen Project/H.E.L.P., Cancer Care Services, Meals-On-Wheels, and the Samaritan House, just to name a few. With the onslaught of AIDS, the Court has had to redouble its efforts and must continue to assist the members of the community that desperately need our help.

Our reigning Monarchs and their representatives attend Coronations throughout the Nation as well as the World, thereby fostering better relations outside of our community. No one in our Court System receives any monetary gain form his or her active involvement. All benefit funds goes to the designated Charities. The rewards of active involvement cannot even be appreciated until you have experienced the feeling of being there where your help is most needed. The court is open to any and all persons of our community. This in itself is fundamental to the continued growth and success of the Court. The new ideas and fresh approach keeps the Court vibrant and positive. It is your Court.... Get involved!!

If you are interested in helping out the Court you can either email us at or just come by one of our shows. Our Current Month's Calendar of Events is listed on the Court Calendar page. If you do not live in the Fort Worth/Arlington area and want to see if you have a court in your own area drop us a line at and we will see who you need to contact for your area. Hope to see you again real soon....