Imperial Court de'

Fort Worth/Arlington Inc.

In Remembrance

This page is dedicated to the loving memory of those that have gone before us. They were members, supporters, our heros, and most importantly our friends.

Absolute Empress I of San Francisco, Jose Julio Sarria, Founder of the International Court System
Empress I Barbie Doll
Emperor I Sonny Terry
Emperor II Vicki Zeblin
Emperor IV Jack Guthrie
Empress IV & VII The Lady Carlotta
Emperor V & VI Dale Glenn
Empress V & VI Raina Lea
Emperor VIII Mother Michial Robinson
Emperor X Donny Uselton
Empress X Dena Malloy
Emperor XV Bob Jackson
Empress XVII & XXIX Angela Aaron-Winchester
Emperor XXIII Todd Oberg
Amy Kendrick aka Alex
Auntie Mame Burnside aka Julian
Beki Goldstein aka Greg Cohn - The banished princess of Arlington
Bill Wolke
Billy Ray Hill
Brittany Cole aka Dale Beavers
Chris Thurman
Crystal "Diva" Daniels aka JR Boydston - Grand Duchess for Life to Reign XXVI
Danny Nugent - King Father for Life to Reign XV
Darrell Jett
Debra Collier - Czarina for Life to Reign XXI
Disco Danny
Domme Langevin - Marquessa for Life to Reign XXVII
Gerald Ford
James Allen - Imperial Scribe for Life to Reign XXV
Jerry Jones - King Father for Life to Reign XVII
Joyce Raines
Kris Hamby
La Tonya Regay'
Lohn Cernal
Lynn Christopher
Marge Ala-Mode
Marianna Taylor
Paul Wallace
Ray Anderton
Russell Batchelor
Sue Martin aka Sue Douche - Keeper of the Crown Jewels for Life to the ICFWA
Taylor Vaughn - Princess Royale for Life to Reign XIII
Tom Maret - Imperial Crown Prince for Life to the ICFWA
Trixxie Terrell aka Luis Alleman
Warren O'Donley - Imperial Prince Consort for Life to Empress XXVI
William Dotson - Baron for Life to Reign XXXII