Imperial Court de'

Fort Worth/Arlington Inc.

35 Year

Emperor IV Jack Guthrie & Empress IV Lady Carlotta

The Court of the Golden Lion

30 Year

Emperor IX Rudy Martinez & Empress IX Foxy Roxie

The Pink Flamingo Court

25 Year

Emperor XIV Raymond Gill & Empress XIV Ima Tu Luce

Excalibur and Unity Reign

20 Year

Emperor XIX Kathy Armstrong-Scott & Empress XIX Erika Chatelaine

The Reign of Come as You Are

15 Year

Emperor XXIV Kevin Dunne & Empress XXIV Jacquelyn Chatelaine

The Reign of a New Day, A New Beginning

10 Year

Emperor XXIX Jeffery McGuire & Empress XXIX Angela Aaron Winchester

Reign of All that is Christmas and Goodwill

5 Year

Emperor XXXIV Kim Wadsworth & Empress XXXIV Sofanda Furr

The Reign of Choice, Chance, and Change