Imperial Court de'

Fort Worth/Arlington Inc.

Lifetime Titles

Organizational Titles

Sue Douche - Keeper of the Crown Jewels
Tom Maret - Imperial Crown Prince
Michael Winchester - Keeper of the Crown Jewels
Angela Aaron-Winchester - Keeper of the Crown Jewels
Angela Aaron-Winchester - Our Guardian Angel and Protector of the Realm

Reign I - The Yellow Rose Court

Pat Wyatt - Imperial Crown Princess
Aunt Beu - Imperial Crown Princess

Reign II - The Court of the Silver Star

Jim Morgan - Imperial Crown Prince

Reign III - The Court of the Silver Eagle

Chet Rice - Royal Minister
Mike Lippincott - Baron
Eedie Kelly - Queen Mother

Reign IV - The Court of the Golden Lion

Joe Whitlock - Imperial Grand Duke
Michael Yarborough - Imperial Grand Count
Glenda Gardner - Queen Mother
Sue Douche - Imperial Crown Prince

Reign V & VI - The Court of the Golden Lion

Norman Morgan - Brother to Emperor V

Reign VIII - The Imperial Diamond Court

Rosie Vines - King Father

Reign IX - The Pink Flamingo Court

Billie Moon - Queen Mother
Joyce Hairston - King Father

Reign X - The Court of the Rainbow Friendship

Raina Lea - Grand Mamere

Reign XI - The Court of the White Pearl

Chili Bean - Brother to Emperor XI
Ken Brown - King Father
Mavis Abshire - Mother to the Court

Reign XII - The Court of the Golden Key

Charity Chandler - Sister to Empress XII
Michael West - Brother to Emperor XII
Christy Dykes - Queen Mother
Dale Wilcox - Prince Royal

Reign XIII - Court of the Never Ending Circle

Barbie Dawn La Choy - Sister to Empress XIII
Taylor Vaughn - Princess Royale
Michael Bush - King Father

Reign XIV - Excalibur and Unity Reign

Janie B Good - Queen Mother
Jerry Glazner - Imperial Prince Royale

Reign XV - The Reign of Boots and Saddles

Jimmy Polley - Prince Royale
Danny Nugent - King Father

Reign XVI - Reign of the Rainbow Phoenix

De De Deviant - Crown Princess
Mary Beth Williams - Baron

Reign XVII - Reign of the Rainbow Sphinx

Erika Chatelaine - Golden Cherub Czarina
Carey Niles - Sister to Empress XVII
Alyssa Del Ray - Sister to Emperor XVII
Jerry Jones - King Father

Reign XVIII - The Reign of Tara

Michael Winchester - Brother to Emperor XVIII
Crystal Rae Lee Love - Sister to Empress XVIII

Reign XIX - The Reign of Come as You Are

Bob Hamby - Brother to Emperor XIX
Jay Beck - Imperial Crown Prince
Michael Deskins - Marquis

Reign XX - The Reign of Turning the World Upside Down, A New Beginning

Alix Courtnie - Sister to Empress XX
Marty Akins - Brother to Emperor XX
Matthew Medina - Grand Duke
Kevin Dunne- Marquis

Reign XXI - The Reign of Solid as a Rock

Debra Coller - Czarina
Don "Polo" Harrison - Brother to Emperor XXI
Kandace Pe’Vey - Sister to Empress XXI
Todd Oberg - Serene Count

Reign XXII - The Reign of Love, Peace and Fun

Janie "Mom" Stanton - Mom to Reign XXII
Shelbi Beitchekokov - Princess Royale
Daniel Dickson - Imperial Crown Prince
Larry Spriggs - Brother to Emperor XXII

Reign XXIII - Reign of the Infinite Possibilities

Zoey Daniels - Grand Duchess
Larry Spriggs - Brother to Emperor XXIII
Bibi Bleu - Princess Royale
Lola Marie Bouvier - Sister to Empress XXIII

Reign XXIV - The Reign of a New Day, A New Beginning

Paul Harshman - Czar
Iwanna Mann - Czarina
Donna Dumae - Empress XXIV ½ to Empress XXIV
Woody Stiner - Brother to Emperor XXIV

Reign XXV - 25 Years of Service to the Community and Continuing

Scott Jones - Duke
Hillary Hunter - Grand Duchess
James Allen - Imperial Scribe
Bill Willis - Imperial Crown Prince

Reign XXVI - Hurray for Hollywood, Disney Meets Oscar

John Kroll - Imperial Cub to Emperor XXVI
Kevin Dunne - Brother to Emperor XXVI
Warren O’Donley - Imperial Prince Consort to Empress XXVI
Crystal Diva Daniels - Grand Duchess XXVI

Reign XXVII - Medieval Festival of Fantasy

Travis Creech - Grand Duke
Mischevious - Czarina
Misty Lee Rose - Imperial Crown Princess
Domme Wolfe Langevin - Marquessa

Reign XXVIII - Kick Off Your Boots, Grab Your Hats, and Lets Have Fun

Ron Wersal - Brother to Emperor XXVIII
Robert Lane - Ambassador of the Lone Star
Bobbie Laine - Czarina
Steve Back - Baron

Reign XXIX - Reign of All that is Christmas and Goodwill

Sofanda Furr - Princess Royale
Scott Conger - Imperial Crown Prince
Missy Beach-Zola - Imperial Crown Princess
Dr. Laurence Furr - Czar

Reign XXX - Bordello By The Sea: Where Aphrodite Meets Poseidon

Jeff Germany - Brother
Brook Ashcraft - First Lady
Betty Bear - Imperial Crown Princess

Reign XXXI - The Reign of all Things Enchanted

Ben Smith - Baron
Robert Lane - Prince Royale
Scarlett Rayne - Czarina
Darin Hatch (of Minnesota) - Brother

Reign XXXII - Shadowed Lands and Glittered Ballrooms

Kevin Dunne - Poster Child
Chris Zola - Czar
Becky Lucius - Rain’s a Comin’
William Dotson - Baron

Reign XXXIII – A Whole New World: Educate... Rejuvenate... Celebrate... Dominate!

Michael Winchester, Angela Aaron-Winchester, Brendan Peoples, Paige Diva Daniels,
Janie 'Mom' Stanton, Paula Armtrong-Scott, Robert Lane, Sofanda Furr, JD Swisher,
Scarlett Rayne, Randy Soloman, Becky Lucius, Kim Wadsworth, Carla 'Pooh' Parry,
MB Williams, Liz Demona, Sam Alexander Lane,
Jerika Tailar - Members of the Imperial Line of Succession
Melissa Flories, Gregg Dodson - Emperor 33 ½
GiGi La Rouge - Empress 33 ½

Reign XXXIV - The Reign of Choice, Chance, and Change

Carla "Pooh" Parry - Imperial Crown Princess
Bubblelishious del Rio - Marquessa
JD Swisher - Prince Royale
Scarlett Rayne - Princess Royale
Dr. Laurence Furr - 1st Laddie to HMIM Sofanda Furr

Reign XXXV - The Reign of Love & Luck

Sofanda Furr - Queen Mother ("Big Mama")
Becky Lucius - Imperial Crown Princess
Jonathan B. Morgan - Grand Duke
Tracey Willingham - Grand Duchess

Reign XXXVI - The Reign of Keep Calm and Carry On

Bart Willingham - Imperial Crown Prince
Jonathan B. Morgan - Lady Bird
Aleah Rico - Conqueror of Commitment, Friendship and Love
Chad Kelley - Chamberlin for Life to Her Majesty
Selena Whorez - Empress 36 ½ and Sister to Her Majesty
Louis Kenmar - Emperor 36 ½ and Brother to Her Majesty

Reign XXXVII - The Reign of "What Have You Done Today to Make You Feel Proud"

Tina Camero - Sister to His Majesty
Pheonix Grayskull - Grand Duke
Diane Pressel - Mother-in-Law to His Majesty
Anna Conda Carter - Sister Her Majesty
Tatiana Ladonova - Baroness
Scarlett Rayne - Queen Mother